Inside facultie are numerous aduocates and proctors, which happen to be tall idiotes, and you will vtterly voide of the many a beneficial training

Inside facultie are numerous aduocates and proctors, which happen to be tall idiotes, and you will vtterly voide of the many a beneficial training

factor’s when you look at the Fez. it : hauing giuen your an enthusiastic hundred or so or two hundred stripes till the gouernour, the fresh executioner putteth a metal-chaine on the his necke, thereby leadeth your starke-nude (his priuities onely excepted) owing to all the partes of citie: pursuing the executioner followes a seageant, declaring vnto all of the someone just what facts the guiltie people hath the amount of time, right up until thoroughly hauing wear their apparell againe, they carrie him backe in order to prison. Sometimes it falleth away that many offenders chained with her was led towards citie: as well as the gouernour for every single malefactor hence penalized, receiueth you to definitely duckat plus one last area; basically from the its very first access to the iaile, he demaunds of each you to definitely an excellent certaine autie that’s paid down such as for example vnto your because of the diuers

On the faces as well it weare good maske having a couple of absolutely nothing openings onely due to their eies, so you can peepe out at the

merchants and artificers appointed of mission. And you will around his most other liuings, he gathereth away from an excellent certaine mountaine seuen thousand duckats out of yeerely reuenue : making sure that whenever celebration serueth, they are from the his proper costs to help you finde new queen off Fez three hundred horses, and also to giue them their spend. Those that stick to the cannon-lawe haue none stipend nor rewarde invited her or him : because of it try forbidden of the rules regarding Mahumet, your iudges off their religion should reape any commoditie otherwise charges of the the office; however, which they shoulde Shade onely by training from lectures, by their priesthood. You will find a location and additionally in the Fez whereinto new iudges vse in order to throw this new citizens, to possess financial obligation, or for specific light offense. In all that it citie try fower officials otherwise sergeants onely ; whom from midnight right until a couple of a clocke in the morning doe walke on all the partes of your citie ; none haue it one stipend, however, a certaine commission of such malefactors as they head about in chaines, according to qualitie out-of euery man’s offense ; moreouer, he’s easily permitted to sell wine, in order to keepe harlots. New saide gouernour hath neither scribes neither notaries, but pronounceth every sentences by-word from mouth area. That onely there is one gathereth customes and you may tributes ouer the the fresh citie, whom every day paieth on the leaders vse thirtie duckats. This boy appointeth certaine substitutes to view on euery door, where little, whether it is from neuer very short really worth, can passe prior to certain tribute be distributed. Yea a bit it goe foorth of the citie in order to rneete that have the carriers and you can muliters vpon this new higher waies, to your prevent they could not conceale neither closely conuey any merchandize to your citie. Of course, if it be studied in just about any deceite, it spend twice. The newest lay order otherwise proportion of the custome so is this, namely to pay a couple of duckats towards the woorth off a keen hundred or so : for Onix-rocks, which can be introduced hither during the high plentie,

Vpon its armes the ladies and you can gentlewomen weare golden necklaces, and also the residue siluer, as the additionally gold otherwise siluer-bands vpon its base, predicated on for every single of these property and you can abilitie

Syria, a great vaile clinging downe using their thoughts, which couereth the entire government. Their eares they adorne that have golden earerings & with many pretious iewels: this new meaner kinds weare eare-bands away from siluer and gilt only. Of its manner of food and you will ingesting. Et vs today speake a bit of their victuals and manner of restaurants. The typical types seriously interested in the newest container with new beef twise cuery weeke : although men and richer sort euery date, so when usually because they list. They simply take around three meales 24 hours: this new breakefast consisteth off certaine fresh fruit and dough, usually regarding a good kinde off drinking water pap produced such vnto frumentie : into the wintertime it sup off the broth off sodium flesh thickened with way meale. In order to food it haue tissue, sallets, cheese, and you can oliues: in june they haue higher cheere. Their supper is easie off digestion, including money, melons, grapes, or milke : in cold weather he’s sodden flesh, and additionally a kinde away from meate called Cuscusu, hence becoming made of good lumpe out-of dowe is set A beneficial kinde out of

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