Listed here are and additionally of several and you will beautifull temples, hauing their Mahumetan priestes and you can preachers

Listed here are and additionally of several and you will beautifull temples, hauing their Mahumetan priestes and you can preachers

prisoner and you will foorth one of many filth of your citie : which are the second additionally the deeper dammage one to Telensin suffered.17 Adopting the ilie Telensin first started in many urban centers getting repaired, and you may rejuvenated having the fresh people, insomuch it risen up to twelue thousand families. Right here for each trading and you may occupation hath a particular place, after the means of Fez, sauing the property from Fez are somewhat more stately. On the other hand listed here are fiue universities extremely sumptuously oriented, certain of the queen away from Telensin, and several by queen away from Fez. Right here are also shop regarding goodly bathes and you can hothouses, albeit they haue perhaps not such as for example plentie off liquids as is during the Fez. And here are lots of innes oriented pursuing the means of Africa : vnto two of and this innes new resellers away from Genoa and Venice doe vsually lodge. A section of which citie is inhabited having Iewes, who were in times past all of them * Otherwise Turban, surpassing rich: vpon the heads they weare a good *Dulipan to distinguish them off their citizens: but in this new yeere of Hegeira 92j, vpon the newest loss of king Abukabdilla™ these were all thus robbed and you may bad, that they are now brought almost vnto beggerie.

Moreouer contained in this citie there are many different performs, the fountaines whereof are not

farre on the citie-walles, so that they will get be easily dropped by one forren enemie. Brand new citie-wall surface is extremely higher and impregnable, hauing flue high gates vpon they, during the euery certainly hence you will find place a good garde away from troops, and you will certaine receiuers of one’s leaders custome. On south-side of the citie standeth the brand new leaders castle, enuironed with most high walles, and you may containing a great many other palaces within it, which can be not one of them destitute of their fountaines and lovely gardens: that it royall castle hath one or two gates, you to definitely best into areas, and the other for the citie, and also at which entrance standeth the brand new captaine of garde. This new territorie out-of Telensin containeth really charming habitations, whither new owners in summer-time vse so you’re able to retire themselues: for as well as the beautifull pastures and cleere fountaines, you will find including abundance of all the kinde away from good fresh fruit to help you glee the eies as well as the preference, you to to my remembrance We neuer sawe a very charming put: the figs they vse to help you drie regarding sunne in order to keepe vntill winter months : and as to possess almonds, peaches, melons, and pome-citrons, it develop in great plentie. About three miles eastward with the citie is actually diuers mils vpon this new riuer away from Sefsif ;19 and several other there are also near by the fresh citie vpon the brand new mountaine away from Elcalha. The fresh new south the main citie is actually populated by the Iewes, solicitors, and you may notaries: here are also very of numerous youngsters, and you may professours of diuers artes, hence haue repairs welcome him or her out from the flue forenamed colleges. The fresh new people was out of fower kinds, so you can laughter, some artificers, some resellers, anybody else schollers and you can doctors, and all sorts of the new deposit soldiers. The fresh new resellers is males very iust. trustie, liberall, and most zealous of well-known an excellent ; who by and large do it traffique towards Negros. New artificers Hue a secure, quiet, and merrie lives. The latest kings soldiers being each one of an effective comely personage as well as high valour, receiue very big and you can liberall spend, to have he could be monethly acceptance three peeces of the silver-coine away from Telensin, which can be value around three

Brand new artificers weare brief garments holding seldome good Dulipan vpon the heads, and you will contenting themselues having plaine hats : the shooes arrive at vice president on their middle-base

Italian duckats and one 2nd part. All people before it attaine towards the level of a physician Hue a blank and you can unhappy existence, however, hauing hit thereunto, he’s produced often professours otherwise notaries, or priestes. Brand new residents and you can merchants with the citie are neate and you may curious inside their apparell, that sometimes they excell the fresh customers regarding Fez when you look at the brauerie. Of all anyone else new soldiers go woorst apparelled, getting wear a top otherwise jacket having large sleeues, they throw ouer they a massive mantle created from pure cotton, for example he could be clad one another sommer and you may winter months: sauing one during the winter months it haue certaine iackets out-of fabric having hoods vpon him or her, instance trauellers vse within the Italie, and also by it meanes the brains are defended away from raine and you may out of snow. New schollers and you can youngsters are diuersly apparelled, centered on the abilitie, and you will with respect to the trend of the natiue countrie : the newest doctors, iudges, and you can priestes goe in more magnificent and you will expensive clothes. The newest customes and rites obserued for the tke Queen off Telensin his judge. Woonder it is to see exactly how stately and you can wonderfully the latest King away from Telensin behaueth himselfe, for no child could see your neither getting acknowledge in order to parle that have him, however, onely the fresh principall nobles off their legal, each one of just who try allotted to beare practices based on their put and you will dignitie. Inside legal was sundry practices and you will dignities, and also the Leaders lieutenant beeing principall manager, allotteth vnto each one of these such towns and cities of dignitie, once the is correspondent on the honor: hence lieutenant leuieth the fresh kings armies, and you can a little while conducteth them against the enemie. The next manager ‚s the Leaders chiefe Secretarie, just who writeth and you may recordeth everything about new

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