Men exactly who act effeminate or blatantly break gender norms are doomed each other by customs as well as the scholars

Men exactly who act effeminate or blatantly break gender norms are doomed each other by customs as well as the scholars

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The technique of gay intercourse and you will dating is roundly doomed within the brand new Islamic heritage, and therefore sees such will act as unnatural and stemming regarding the wickedness of the people out of Lut.

Ibn Kathir

(Plus the two individuals certainly you just who commit illegal sexual activity, discipline them one another. [Qur’an cuatro:16]) Ibn `Abbas and you will Sa`id bin Jubayr asserted that so it abuse includes cursing, shaming them and conquering them with sandals. It was new ruling until Allah abrogated they which have flogging otherwise stoning, while we said. Mujahid told you, „It was shown concerning case of a couple of boys who do it.“ Because if he was speaing frankly about those things of the people from Lut, and you can Allah knows most readily useful. The fresh collectors from Sunan filed one Ibn `Abbas said that the fresh new Live messenger away from Allah told you,

(„Would you to visit lewdness particularly not one before you features the time throughout of your own nations Verily, your practice the lusts toward guys unlike females.“) meaning, you kept female whom Allah created for both you and instead got intercourse which have boys In fact, that it choices try worst and you may unaware since you keeps placed things in their improper locations.

Al Munajjid

Seriously the latest sin regarding homosexuality is amongst the poor sins; in fact, it is one of the major sins (kabaa’ir) you to definitely Allaah has actually taboo. Allaah lost the people from Loot (peace feel on your) with terrifying types of punishment because they carried on during the its sin making this evil step common and appropriate certainly by themselves. Allaah says (translation of one’s meaning): [Quotes Quran -83, Quran , and you will Quran ]

It was stated that the newest Prophet (comfort and you can blessings of Allaah become on your) said: “Kill the individual who will it and also the you to exactly who it’s done.” (Claimed from the five article authors of Sunan. Its isnaad try saheeh. At-Tirmidhi said it’s an excellent hasan hadeeth).

Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq evaluated in accordance with so it, and he authored tips compared to that feeling to Khaalid, immediately after talking to the fresh Sahaabah. ‘Ali try the brand new strictest of them regarding one. Ibn al-Qasaar and you can the shaykh told you: new Sahaabah consented you to [the person who does homosexual acts] shall be murdered, nevertheless they differed on what he can be killed. Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq mentioned that he shall be tossed off out-of a cliff. ‘Ali (get Allaah be pleased with your) mentioned that a wall surface would be made to failure on your. Ibn ‘Abbaas told you, they should be slain from the stoning. This shows that there try opinion among them one [the person who really does gay serves] will likely be slain, nevertheless they differed as to how the guy might be carried out. This will be similar to the governing of your Prophet (comfort and you will blessings from Allaah become up on him) regarding individual that possess sex that have a female who’s their mahram [incest], because in the two cases gender is not allowed lower than one facts. Which the partnership is made regarding the hadeeth out of Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) which stated that brand new Prophet (tranquility and you can blessings regarding Allaah end up being abreast of him) told you, “Whoever you will find carrying out the newest deed of the people regarding Loot, eliminate him or her.” Plus it has also been stated that he (comfort and blessings of Allaah be on your) said: “Those who have gender having a woman who is their mahram, kill your.” And you can considering various other hadeeth with similar isnaad, “Anyone who has gender having an animal, kill him and you can eliminate the animal with him.” (Narrated from the Ahmad, 2420; Abu Dawood, 4464; al-Tirmidhi, 1454; al-Haakim, 4/355).

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