When he is asked in the event the however getting acting, Shark answered he didn’t feel like it

When he is asked in the event the however getting acting, Shark answered he didn’t feel like it

The brand new „Number“ pierced their claws to the Shark’s chest, however, Shark’s solid will and you may connection to Yuma overcame the advantage of your „Number“ and he used it to help you beat Trey

Early in the country Duel Festival, he found Yuma, who was panicking since the guy did not have a center Bit. When he drove afterwards some time subsequent, he caught a cast „Echo Force“ card, the fresh card you to Shark with the his prohibit about Federal Routine, therefore turned out to be Quattro, his adversary inside the last pro Duel. Quattro said he on purpose place his Patio where Shark often see they, to get him disqualified. [41]

Trey told him to save the fresh new credit and you will provided your an excellent Cardio Bit, revealing he themselves already had a done center

Quattro as well as showed that at that time Shark was not just affected by pressure of one’s Finals, and because of a guarantee the guy designed to his aunt that has a major accident and you will is hospitalized, therefore he was with ease lured to evaluate Quattro’s Patio. Quattro together with says you to definitely possibly his sister’s crash was not extremely a happenstance. Infuriated, Shark demanded so you’re able to Duel with him again, but Quattro told him to wait towards the WDC and you may put your a center Piece before departing. Shark upcoming made a decision to take part at all, to find his rematch with Quattro. The guy dropped with the Quattro’s pitfall again just like the Vetrix informed your in order to coerce Shark to the doing the fresh new festival. [41]

Shortly after Kari Tsukumo purchased Yuma to locate Charlie McCay, he read a large group cheering. Understanding that it will be a great Duel, Yuma ran off to pick Shark beat a not known Duelist which have „Submersible Supplier Aero Shark“. Pursuing the Duel, Yuma congratulated Shark and you may requested your as to why he previously decided to enter the WDC. Shark told Yuma exactly how Quattro had abused his aunt with the the hospital so you can key your to the getting banged outside of the nationals, and today the guy wants an excellent rematch with Quattro, but next, he’s going to quit the new WDC. Shark following advised Yuma never to get involved in your and you may upcoming strolled out-of, disappearing away from attention out-of Yuma and you will Tori. [44]

Inside next day’s this new WDC, after Quattro defeated Bronk and you will Caswell from inside the a combat Regal Duel, Shark recharged on city towards their motorbike, inquiring him in the event the the guy remembered see your face out of his „Number one fan“. [21] Quattro provided to Duel Shark, but Trey snared Shark along with his Duel Point, steering clear of the Duel and you may proclaiming that Vetrix’s commands was pure. Quattro kept in the a cloud off dirt. On proceeding Duel, Shark requires command over Trey’s „Number“ beast, „Amount 32: Shark Drake“. When Shark involved to go out of, the guy again informed Yuma not get involved in him and you may rode off. Whether or not he had been capable withstand the brand new „Numbers“ by the recalling their big date that have Yuma, Shark however wished their payback facing Quattro having his sibling, and that invited „Shark Drake“ to help you infect Shark having a little malware (blue in the dub) that will amplify you to definitely dark further. According to Vetrix, this helps them with its plan to play with Shark. [45]

When Yuma, Tori, and Astral were looking for Hart Tenjo, Shark saw them regarding the roadway more than her or him and rencontres juives you can averted. The guy heard Yuma calling away to possess Kite together with his D-Gazer, making your thinking on problem. [46] When you look at the 3rd day of new WDC, Shark continued to get Center Bits and you may brutally conquering of several Duelists because the electricity from „Number 32“ began to use the affect him, fueling his desire for revenge alot more. He had been confronted with Yuma, who help Shark grab his rage on your in an effective Duel. Realizing this, Shark eventually concerned his senses, to the darkness of your own „Number“ disappearing and cancelled brand new Duel. Just before he walked regarding, the guy advised Yuma which they do fulfill on finals and you can gave him a smile. [18]

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